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Wellness – I am 36 years old!!

The other day, a new acquaintance who is our new club member, out of curiosity asked me what my age is? When I replied that I am 36 yrs of age, he got surprised and was ready with next doubt cum question!

He : “ Are you joking? Either you are hiding your age of you are joking with me just to impress me.”

I understood what he meant by that. Its not only his question or query or doubt. Many people, friends and relatives ask me the same questions and they also get surprised when I reveal them my age. Yes, since the day I am born, I am 36 years old now. This is my calendar age u can say to make it little more comprehensible.

Me : I can show you my DOB proofs birth. Instead of the DOB proofs, let me show you some more interesting pictures of mine.

A pic taken on 23rd of April 2012…Old me. You can go through my Facebook timeline if you want to see many such pictures on old me…

Then I started my laptop and scrolled down my Facebook time line till I reach the year 2013. I showed all my old photos. And after seeing my old photos he got even more confused. I could sense that he already has new question ready for me.

He : How can you guarantee that all these are your own photos.

Now, I had to scroll further down to show my earliest photos after seeing my very old photos of my college life and then I how put on weight slowly, he believed me finally and now he had one more question to ask me.

He : How did you transform yourself so effectively? This is like magic.

He insisted on telling him the secret of my youthfulness. It seems like a secret to many. But for me it’s not a secret anymore. It’s an open secret now.

But telling him the secret, in just 5-10 minutes wouldn’t be a good idea. So I invited him for my free lecture on health and fitness, which is happening soon. He also agreed.

However, this conversation triggered another interesting quest for knowledge. I thought and thought again and again. I somehow realized that my true age is not 36. My true age 30.

How is my true age 30? And not 36?

I will share all this information in my next article.

Keep reading my articles to know more interesting facts and figures of the wellness throughout.

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