Weight loss success stories in Pune

When people talk only about weight loss or only weight gain, their focus is very much limited. The reason why we need to reduce weight is just an ill-effect of the incorrect lifestyle we have been living for many years. Everybody must remember, the old school days of their life. Don’t you remember or see yourselves as an energetic and enthusiastic teen, who did things which now you might find doing very difficult. The wellness was their at that time. The thing is that, we now have lost our wellness in our day to day life and in the rat race life style.

So whenever anyone comes to me seek advice and my service for their weight loss, I very first tell them this thing of correcting lifestyle first in order to restore wellness. Our target is never weight loss or weight gain. Our target is wellness throughout.

Now to correct lifestyle, I first need to understand how you have damaged your lifestyle so far. I need to know almost every little thing about you and your routine. The discomforts, diseases, your medical history and everything.

Our easy and fast weight loss solutions in Pune are not only proven for more than 5 years now but also it is very much admired by our club members, who have achieved their targets to wellness.

There are thousands of success stories which we have not only witnessed but also created. These all weight loss success stories are not only an inspiration for our club members but for us also.

I will be putting together all the success stories as and when I get time.


My own success story - My Marathon story

The first success story is of my own. You can read my weight loss success story by clicking my photo. Read what made me realize my being overweight and how badly it had affected my family and relationships. The journey to wellness of mine is always an inspiration to myself. Please click image above and read my story.

Weight loss in Pune

Avadhut Sarnaik weight loss story in Pune

Avadhut is a successful professional. He approached me to check possibility of weight loss as he had gained way too much extra weight. He also had tried many other fitness coaches as well as nutritional products. As he approached me, I followed a custom check up and made  a custom plan for him. We had set some short term and some long term goals. His dedication and our expertise started paying off. We achieved first goal in just 4 weeks and to surprise we achieved second goal in just 1.5 months. Read his weight loss success story in his own words and do watch the video. Click the picture for his inspiring experience.

दहा महिन्यांमध्ये मी चक्क ३५ किलो वजन कमी केले. व आज मी वजन कमी करुन दोन वर्षे उलटली तरी देखील माझे वजन मी तेवढेच राखु शकलो. याबद्दल माझे गुरु महेश व पल्लवी ठोंबरे यांना धन्यवाद.



Ramchandra Bandivekar , Project Manager Infosys

In first three months he lost 13 kgs.

फिटनेस आयकॉन मिलिंद सोमन, रामचंद्रसाठी आदर्श असणे यात काहीच नवल नाही. हेल्दी-ॲक्टीव्ह ॲक्टिव्ह लाईफस्टाईल जगण्यास सुरुवात केलेल्या रामचंद्र ने आपल्या मुळ आवडते छंद जोपासण्यास देखील सुरुवात केली. त्याला संगीतात विशेष रुची आहे. मित्रांसोबत ट्रेकींग ला जाणे, डोंगरद-या भटकणे, पावसाळ्यात घाटवाटा पालथ्या घालणे, हे पुन्हा सुरु झाले. आणि आता पुढचे टारगेट आहे परफेक्ट सिक्स पॅक्स ॲब्स. त्यासाठी वर्काआऊट देखील न चुकता तो करत असतो. वर्कआऊट म्हणजे व्यायाम करणे हा त्याच्या जीवनशैलीचा भाग झाला आहे. एखाद दिवशी वर्कआऊट नाही केले तर त्यास चुकल्या सारखे वाटते.


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