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Dear Friends,

Hope you all are doing great in life. We are talking about age (my age specifically). My intention from article is to help you all to understand the importance of wellness. Wellness, as I always say is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is more than being free from illness; it is a dynamic process of change and growth. It’s much more than weight loss or weight gain.

The conversation that took place couple of days ago with one of my club members triggered many more aspects of wellness and being healthy.

First of all, let’s try to understand what the conversation all about was. The person when looked at me for the first time, since then he wanted to ask me what my age was. As he joined the club and we entered into some chit chat, he felt comfortable and then asked what my age was?

I don’t want to be Mr.India or I don’t want to participate in any body building competition at all. I need to be in perfect health all the time, which gives true power to achieve all my goals in day to life and life as whole also.

The question though sound very simple, it has a reason, why may people always ask me the same question. The reason is very simple. And that is “I look quite young”. And when I tell people my age (calendar age) they become reluctant in believing me because the same reason again and that “I look very much young”.

It’s about my personality and their perception of looking at the world. However the same perception is experienced by many. So there must be some reason why all people, who ask me this question, carry the same and common perception of me!

And that reason is also very much simple to comprehend. I not only look (to others) young but I feel (to myself) young. What I am is what people are going to see me as. And when I say, I feel young all the time, I literally mean it. And that is where the word “wellness” plays powerful role.

Often I look young to my calendar age. This is because of the choices I made towards a healthy and active lifestyle. I am governed by the principles. I am the product of my values and not my feelings and my emotions. And these internalized principles keep me up all the times against all odds in life. And same principles helped me great way to overcome barriers and reach my health and fitness goals.

Let’s try to decode the words now. I couple of times used the word “Calendar age”. Let’s try to understand what calendar age of a person is. Calendar age of any person is actual years and months and days, that person have been living life, is alive since their birth. If I were born in 1982, my calendar age today is 36 years. Simple ! isn’t it?

We often say that I am 36 years old. When people don’t believe me at first when I tell them about my calendar age, they actually expect some figure which is less than 36. Why? Because, for them I look like a youngster who could be 28 or maximum 32. Means my age, which they think would be, which is not my calendar age, is my true age. The age of my body. And its not only about what others see or think of my age. Its more about how I feel from within. At the age (calendar age) of 36, I feel the energy of someone who is 30 years old. My energy levels are determined by the conditioning of my body, my health. And there is a very popular word for non-calendar age. The non-calendar age, which is determined by health and fitness level of a person is called as Metabolic age of a person.

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