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Season is not Reason – Do exercise in Summer, its even better

We can see very noticeable changes in the nature around, which indicate the change of season. Yes Summer is at the doorstep. We all have amazing memories of summer as we spent our childhood summer time wandering and playing freely in the nature. Being children we were never worried about summer and its heat, neither our parents and elders stopped us from playing outside. I remember, we, a flock of a dozen or so children always spent time at the river in my village. The river is still there, but we are not there anymore. Whenever possible and whenever I am at my native place, I make sure I go swimming without fail. We wandered, walked small pathways in the farms, we plucked Karonda, jamun, mango and we had eaten those wild fruits stomach full. So amazing days of summer! I miss those now.

As the nature is showing symptoms of summer arrival, so as human beings also do. How?

I workout everyday. Sometime I run, sometimes I do weight training , sometimes I do aerobics and sometimes I go trekking. This is my habit now. And most of the places of my workout, I get to see many people who do workout to burn fats, to loose weight or to build muscles. All those are my buddies now. But recently I started noticing that many faces don’t come to workout. I met one of those at a meeting and upon asking why he is not turning out for exercise, He said to me that,”What is the use of doing exercise in Summer months?”

A marathoner – 21km finisher ; Thats me

Ohh Gosh! I was about to help him with the use of exercise in summer time, but he had to rush to some other work. And then I thought that I should write a detailed yet crispy article about ‘Doing Exercise in Summer months’

Lets get into it now!

The thumb rule for exercise is that, you never give up exercise whatever is the season and whatever is the reason. So season can never be the reason for NOT doing exercise. This applies to SUMMER also. Whatever time you spend doing exercise, you should be spending the same time even in Summer.

There are some extra things you do, irrespective of you do work ot or not. You can read those extra but funfrolic things to help your body adapt to summer heat, please click here.

Now lets try to understand the use rather great use of doing exercise in summer days.

If you are on your journey to weight loss and you are doing really good until now, then summer is the time, where you can give a big boost to your weight loss progress. Exercise in summer is recommended for those who wants to loose weight , for those who want to reduce belly fat, for those who want to get back in shape, for those wish to get great look, for those who desire to impress people, for those who aim to be slim and fit.

Thats me before and after weight loss. Its my elder son in the first picture and my daughter angel in the later picture. Thats 6 years time duration. Which one of me look young and fit?

You can achieve all above very more easily and quickly in summer compared to other seasons of year. You sweat a lot because of summer, you drink lot of water to keep up with body temperature. This happens even if you don’t work out. Think of the benefits, if you do work out everyday! So doing exercise in summer would help you burn more fats as you would be sweating more that usual. Drinking loads of water would automatically help you reduce toxins and maintain body temperature.

To get best out of summer exercise, if you could focus on your diet then it would even be more helpful for you get fit and build muscles also. Eat whats right. Give your body perfect protein, fibre and nutrition to thrive. Remember one thing, only exercise wont help you loose weight. You must adapt the healthy eating habits in order to get back in shape. You can learn more about healthy eating habits in many articles of mine on this website.

I guess, you would must have understood the benefit of doing exercise in summer heat. Do like, share these articles, if you think those are adding some value to overall wellness of a being.


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