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Exercise improves mind-body connection

If you have seen our website and read the very first lines on the home, you would understand that the purpose of our mission is to motivate, guide every individual to lead an active life. When I say active it literally means ACTIVE.

When it comes being active, superficially it seems very easy however for an individual who is already overweight or obsessed, is it really possible to be active in terms of physical activities and exercise? I will let you in details about it but in some other time.

This article is to act upon for people who are in good shape and are not overweight.  


Becoming overweight is a result of inactive lifestyle. Becoming overweight is a result of incorrect eating habits. Becoming overweight is a result of unhealthy mind. As I explained in details in my last article, mind plays very important in leading a life free from illness. We also reached to a conclusion that mind and body and interdependent. They affect each other. Means they both need to be in sync all the time. How do we achieve this connection between mind and body? That’s exactly we are going to see in this and later articles.


The very first factor that boosts mind-body connection is EXERCISE. How? Let’s get into it..


In this modern day and age, with our fast paced lifestyles, many people seem to have forgotten the importance of physical activity. There is a number of reasons why you shouldn’t neglect this vital aspect of your life.

Not only does physical exercise help people gain muscle while shedding fat, but a study by the University of British Columbia emphasizes its positive effects on the brain. A regular gym workout or running or Zumba dance or aerobic workout helps the hippocampus grows, boosting our learning capacity and memory. Hippocampus are present in brain which affect our emotions, memory power and mood.

Even working out for just a half an hour a day brings many benefits.

When you exercise, you leave stress behind

Physical exercise has always been a natural remedy for stress and anxiety. Many doctors will advise exercise as an effective counter to mild depression or anxiety, and, unlike conventional medication, it only has positive side effects.  Any type of workout encourages the brain’s ability to cope with stress by producing nor-epinephrine.

80 % Nutrition , 20% exercise core exercise with my fitness trainerAbs are made in kitchen

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Along with a good diet and regular exercise, proper sleep is also vital to good health and exercise helps us sleep better by creating physical fatigue while relieving stress. Indeed a regular workout can be more effective than a sleeping pill, as well as being much better for you.

When you workout, you improve your mood.

Workouts not only improve our ability to work, but our enjoyment of our play.  While the first jog or visit to the gym may feel tortuous, regular exercise soon becomes both routine and enjoyable.  You don’t have to run a marathon to enjoy the benefits of greater endorphin production, which can make you happier than your sedentary peers.

Posted by Mahesh Thombare on Saturday, October 6, 2018

A good workout is an especially effective weapon against depression when undertaken outdoors, rather than the thumping confines of a gym. Ditching the treadmill – and the phone – to walk or run outdoors on trails or parks can offer valuable time for mental relaxation as well as physical exertion.

A regular exercise defies addiction

The production of another vital substance, dopamine, is increased while working out. This substance is associated with the feeling of pleasure one gets when consuming food, alcohol or drugs. People who are struggling to escape problems caused by over-consumption can often ease their cravings and find new purpose through exercise.  Some even find their body and mind achieve a natural high without any dangers to their health.

Exercise slows age-related mental decline

Look at my age at the bottom of each pic

With time, our cognitive skills can start to deteriorate, as much through lack of use as the ravages of time.  Regular exercise of the body as well as the brain may help keep us sharp well into old age.  Gentle forms of outdoor exercise, such as walking, not only help older people stay active, but encourage social interaction and engagement.

Exercise boosts your confidence

Looking good on the outside helps us feel good on the inside. Workout sessions allow us to set and achieve worthwhile goals, be it 20 push ups, jogging for 30 minutes or a series of tough stretches.  Once you reach that goal, you not only feel better and more confident about your posture and your appearance, but may also begin to set more positive goals in other aspects of your life.

As long as you keep going, you’ll keep getting better. And as you get better, you gain more confidence. That alone is success.

In this way, just as your self-esteem gets a boost from improving your self-image, so the rest of your life may benefit. Some studies have found that aerobic classes are a great way to raise woman’s confidence, while soccer or basketball can build men’s self-esteem. Physical activity not only improves the way we look to others, but the way we feel about ourselves.

And last but but not the least is…

Exercise connects your mind and body

When your mind & body are in sync, it shows on your face…That’s me

Whichever activity you opt for – taking a walk rather than the car, jogging, swimming, cycling, resistance training or even doing household chores with extra vim and vigor – you can be assured you’re doing yourself some good.  Any type of regular workout affects our confidence and mood in a positive manner as well as improving our physical health.


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